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Haitienne Publication Inc. 


Editorial Profile

Haitienne Magazine is a unique publication that highlights the accomplishments, issues, and interests of Haitian women in North America, Haiti, and around the world. She is a woman of two cultures, a Haitian, highly educated, and ambitious. Haitienne the Magazine is a national bimonthly consumer periodical for Haitian women. Haitienne has an independent editorial spirit. We address the distinctive concerns of Haitian women's personal and professional spectrum. Our goal is to serve our readership through accessibly written articles presented in an intelligent, nonpolitical, and courageous manner.


Editorial Mission

Founder/ Publisher/ Editorial Director

Our mission is to expose Haitian women to information, products, and services that draw from modern practices and ancient philosophies – a broad spectrum of content that will help Haitian women successfully manage their lives, mind, body, and spirit. Haitienne offers interesting and insightful

interviews with experienced Haitian women; beauty and fashions for Haitian women and their children; natural methods of preventing illness and promoting healthful lifestyles; parenting advice, Haitian’s men perspective; immigration legislation and related policy developments affecting Haitian women; useful guidelines for personal relationships; easy time- and health-effective recipes for meal preparation; balancing work and parenting; and helpful stress prevention techniques.

We are not just another ethnic woman magazine. Haitienne is a fierce supporter of the needs and rights of Haitian women first in fact, a woman with many roles in her life that must comfortably coexist with being a Diaspora woman. Thus, rather than addressing her narrowly as a Haitian woman, Haitienne will speak to her as the multidimensional Caribbean woman that she is. Close-knit, attached to their cultures, and quick to seize the educational and professional opportunities of their host country, Haitian women have established themselves as one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial groups in the country. Besides their “migration experience,” the most significant characteristic of Haitian women immigrants is that they take educated very seriously.

We view the Haitienne reader as an exceptional woman. She is a Haitian woman who balances the often-extraordinary demands of her life with the need to create a family experience as close to morn as possible in Diaspora's circumstances.


The values of the Haitienne reader are reflected in her own level of high-quality personal care and the natural products she purchases for herself and her family. She recognizes that to succeed in a foreign land, a prerequisite is having a woman who takes care of herself – body, mind, and spirit. She is passionate, educated, smart, resourceful, and successful. The Haitienne reader is a member of a select group of Haitian women with the desire and motivation to be informed on what is best for herself and ultimately, her family

Have a median income of $40,000 dollars 

(Source: Cindy Rodriguez, “Study Shows US Black Trailing Immigrants from Africa, Carib- bean” The Boston Globe, and February 17, 2003.)​

Age 25-55 years old, currently have children, or plan to have children in the United States or Canada.

Minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Are concentrated in management or professional, sales, or office occupations.  (Source:

Because of high education live in neighborhoods whose residents have high incomes and college education.

Highly urban, 95% of Haitian Immigrants live in metropolitan areas.

After Jamaican, Haiti is the second largest source of black immigrants                        (Haitian immigrants in Black America by Flore Zephyr)

Women who identify themselves as Haitian first and members of a national group second. *

Prepare Caribbean Haitian foods daily and entertain often, serving premium alcohol.

Very family-oriented the extended family and not the individual is the basic societal unit.

Very technologically advanced use the Internet to stay informed and communicates with family and relatives in Haiti.

Have a strong impact on their countries of origin whether at the national, familiar, or local level. *

Remit thousands to family back in Haiti on a monthly basis. In some instances, this money is used to care for relatives.

* Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture


Haitians in America

Conventional wisdom places most Haitians living in the United States either in Miami or in the metropolitan New York City area. The truth is, however, Haitians now reside in many other places in the United States: from north to south and from east to west.

Those who live in these places be they second-generation Haiti- Americans or more recently arrived immigrants - share much more than their Haitian heritage. They share a desire to succeed in their new homeland, to maintain their heritage as they undertake that quest, and, at the same time, to contribute to the well-being of the land they left behind as well as to the communities they now call home.

Haitian immigrants and their families are in many communities other than those mentioned above. In 1997, Haitians Americans for Economic Development (HAFED) used 1990 census data to indicate that Haitians and Haitian Americans reside in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Beyond a doubt, those numbers have expanded considerably since 1990. Census data from 2000 in Florida alone, for example, indicates a 117 percent increase in the Haitian population in that state. And the largest percentage growth of the Florida population was not in Miami-Dade County, but rather in Broward County, with Palm Beach a close second!

Born in USA

1, 225,023

Born in USA




Haitian Population in the US


Source: Haiti program at Trinity College.                                                                              (NOAH) National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians

 Magazine Contents

What the readers can expect to find in the magazine.

BEAUTY: Featuring holistic hair and beauty products and

FASHION: Showcasing the latest fashions for Haitian women and their children for all occasions

HEART: Relationship and advice

PREVENTION: Dietary and preventive disease advice Perspective. Stress prevention and relaxation techniques, products and services

LEGAL: Guidance on      immigration and financial matters

MONEY TALKS: Tips and advice on how to build wealth in a new land and back home.


tian women making a difference Haiti and around the globe.

TRAVEL: The best places in Haiti, Caribbean and the world for vacation.

NEWS FROM HAITI: from women perspective.

MUSIC: Interviews with Haitians musicians and reviews of the latest Haitian music and all art forms


& Distribution

Our target audience will receive the magazine via direct mail and Haitian businesses. We will do so by utilizing the database of Haitian women's addresses and direct marketing. The magazine will continue to seek new distribution channels and partnerships.

RELIGION: Faith in “HAITIENNE” women.

Haitian artist

HAITIAN COOKING: Haitian Recipes can be cooked in any kitchen.

Digital Edition

The magazine will also be available in digital edition through our website, thereby integrating media across print and electronic, creating an interactive marketing campaign on our website In addition, the magazine will organize promotional events with the Young Haitian Professionals Group, Haitian Women’s Association, Haitians College Clubs, Association of Haitians accountants, tax professionals, Haitians Medical Association, Haitian businesses and many more organizations these events will bring the advertiser in direct contact with the reader.

EXPOSE: New scientific, health and global discoveries

Advertising Rates & Specs

Editorial Calendar

Quarterly publication with the Issues for the 2023 year, scheduled as follows:

Volume 4 Issue One:  March 2023 

Volume 4 Issue Two: June 2023

Volume 4 Issue Three:  September 2023

Volume 4 Issue Four:  December 2023

From 2023 all four issues will be published.

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